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Empower Employees to Give Feedback and Gain Insights into Organizational Skills


Welcome to SofterHR, where learning, recognition, and organizational growth converge. Our innovative B2B SaaS platform empowers your employees to give and receive recognition while fostering a culture of continuous learning. By harnessing the collective knowledge within your organization, SofterHR drives personal motivation and elevates your company's success.

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Empower Personal Motivation

With SofterHR, employees have the power to recognize and be recognized for their contributions to learning. By acknowledging the expertise and support they receive from their colleagues, individuals are motivated to continuously improve and excel in their own development journeys.

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Unleash Employee Contributions

At SofterHR, we understand that every employee possesses unique skills and knowledge. Our platform allows individuals to contribute to the growth of the organization by sharing their expertise with colleagues. By facilitating knowledge exchange and teaching skills, employees become valuable assets in cultivating a dynamic learning environment.

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Enhance Organizational Insight

SofterHR provides you with valuable insights into the evolving skills and knowledge within your organization. Our robust analytics and reporting capabilities offer a comprehensive overview of the learning landscape, enabling you to make data-driven decisions, identify skill gaps, and foster targeted development initiatives.

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How It Works

Give Recognition to Your Colleagues

At SofterHR, we believe that recognizing the contributions of your colleagues is crucial for fostering a culture of learning and growth. Our intuitive app makes it effortless for employees to give recognition and express gratitude for the knowledge and support they receive.

Here's how it works:

  1. Share Your Learning Experience: Whenever a colleague goes above and beyond to help you learn or develop a new skill, simply open the SofterHR app and provide feedback about the experience. For example, let's say Tim explained how to convert customer data in our SQL database, and you were able to successfully complete the task in just an hour.

  2. Give Specific Feedback: In the app, you can provide specific details about the assistance you received. Describe the skill or knowledge your colleague shared, highlight the positive impact it had on your work, and express your appreciation for their support.

  3. Recognize Their Efforts: By giving recognition through the app, you acknowledge and celebrate your colleague's expertise and their commitment to helping others learn and grow. This recognition not only boosts their motivation but also creates a positive and collaborative work environment.

  4. Visible Contributions: All the recognition given and received within your organization is captured in SofterHR, providing transparent visibility into the valuable contributions employees make to each other's learning journeys. This real-time feedback and recognition help foster a culture of continuous improvement and collaboration.


With SofterHR, you empower your employees to recognize and appreciate the skills and knowledge shared within your organization, fostering a supportive and growth-oriented atmosphere.

"A skill not shared is like a treasure buried. Unlock its potential by sharing it with others."

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